Outdoor Squash Training

With the club's squash-courts closed, if your junior squash-player has access to outdoor areas and can get out into their surrounding streets and local parks, then there are a whole variety of squash training sessions they can incorporate.

The most obvious one is running. While we tend to focus more on shorter, more interval-based, repeat-sprint routines for squash conditioning, getting out and doing some longer running sessions can be a great way to incorporate some cross-training into their schedule. 

By utilizing particular workout parameters, they can still ensure that these sessions stay specific to the energy-systems appropriate for squash.

For those juniors that prefer to run set distances, then a 5-k (3.10 miles) is a good distance to use to challenge their endurance without drifting into long, slow, steady-pace runs that don’t really replicate the demands of squash. With a little bit of improvisation, your junior squash-player could even start incorporating some ghosting sessions into their outdoor training.

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