Do they know how to take advantage of every opportunity that comes their way?

Do they even recognize all of the wonderful opportunities that are available to them right now if they just open the door and take full advantage of them? Or...do they tend to think they could be successful "if only______" (fill in the blank with whatever they THINK they are waiting for?)

Highly successful people in any and every field like education, sport and business tend to take advantage of whatever opportunity comes their way. In fact, many of these people tend to believe that success is just "an opportunity waiting to happen." They EXPECT wonderful opportunities to come to them. Which means they are always on the lookout for some pleasant possibility...and they are usually not disappointed!

They open the door to realize, "the sky is the limit." You know many people like this. They're the ones who "make lemonade" when presented with a bag of lemons - because they have recognized the lemons for their potential - they represent an opportunity for something better.

In any field of endeavor, your junior squash-player must take full advantage of whatever talents they have to realize their potential, especially when it comes to developing their skills or fitness as a squash player. 
Starting today, have them make a list of all the skills, resources and opportunities they DO have...and do all in their power to utilize them to their full extent, e.g. what is being presented and/or offered to them. 

Try to have them see things in a new way, so that they aren't missing the opportunities that are right there before them. Then...have them decide how they will use these things to their advantage, as the opportunities may never-again present themselves in the same way. Opportunity knocks every day, but it's up to your junior squash-player to open the door. Remember...a day lost can never be found again!