Medicine Balls

Medicine balls are a simple and relatively inexpensive piece of equipment that can be purchased and used for more advanced progressions in strength and power training for your squash-player's core and back . They can use medicine ball throws regularly when training. Fortunately training with a medicine ball at home and/or out-of-doors is a good environment for performing medicine ball throws against a side or front of any wall and/or in pair-training.

When choosing medicine balls for any type of throwing work, make sure they are designed to be used for both bouncing and throwing. Always them start off with the lightest balls. Remember...the primary goal of the throws is to generate speed and power in the movement while maintaining a strong and stable core. Have your junior squash-player use a two-pound ball when first attempting throws to any level. Begin progressions in medicine ball throws in a kneeling or half-kneeling position. Have them focus on contracting the abdominal muscles and core, producing rapid acceleration of the ball with little motion from the hips or back.

Have them start by doing throws from three different kneeling and half-kneeling positions. To maintain any level of comfort during these exercises, it definitely helps to have a towel or mat that can be folded and placed under the knee or knees, depending on the position used. For each position, have them perform 8-10 throws from one side of the body and then repeat on the other side. Have them tart with two to three sets of 8-10 throws, or incorporate them within an overall conditioning circuit.

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