Making Mistakes
Does your junior squash-player keep making the same mistakes over and over again? If they do, they're not alone! 

Some mistakes are harder to fix, some are not. If they're able to recognize a mistake as soon as they make it...they have hope. They can try to avoid doing this the next-time around. Bad habits acquired over a period of time are harder to shed overnight. But if one feels that they do make some of the same mistakes (shown below), they can pick a couple to work on. 

So, here’s a look at ten mistakes that can impact their game:
1) Advertising their shots.
2) Admiring their shots.
3) Crowding their shots.
4) Rushing their shots.
5) Punishing (over-hitting) their shots.
6) Committing too early.
7) Not getting back to the "T".
8) Being flat-footed at the "T". 
9) Not calling their Lets.
10) Volleying...or NOT volleying when they should.

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