iSquash hosts several adult and junior tournaments throughout the year (see tournaments in bold below)
 and our juniors and coaches travel all over California seeking out the best competition!

Junior Tournament Schedule

September 23-25 * (Nor. Cal.) S.F. Oracle Net Suite Gold
September 28-30 San Diego Silver Open
October 13th / World Squash Day
October 19-21 San Diego Access Youth Bronze (TBC)
October 25-28 L.A. Jonathan Club Women's Pro & Pro-Am Doubles
November 2-4 * (Nor. Cal.) Cupertino Silver
November 9-11 Feather Sports iSquash @ Arroyo Silver
November 17-18 So. Cal. High School Team League (Irvine)
November 30 - Dec 2 Aliso Viejo West Coast Regionals
December 8-9 So. Cal. High School Team League (iSquash @ Arroyo Seco)
December 15-16 Santa Barbara Open (not accredited)
December 24 - January 6 Public School Winter Break!
January 12-13 So. Cal. High School Team League (Irvine)
January 11-13 Santa Barbara Bronze (TBC - tentative)
January 19-21 * (Nor. Cal.) Redwood City JCT's
February 2-3 So. Cal. High School Team League Finals (iSquash @ Arroyo Seco)
February 8-10 * (Nor. Cal.) Santa Clara Gold
February 15-17 iSquash @ Arroyo Seco Adult/Junior Bronze (TBC)
May 25-26 iSquash @ Arroyo Seco Silver (TBC)
August 23-25 iSquash @ Arroyo Seco iSquash Summer Silver (16-player draws)

* = Northern California events